About Us

Thank you for Visiting Active Hub “About Us” page. Let me start with telling you the purpose of the website. We Wish to bring Some Amazing Innovative Products from different parts of India Specially for people like you!

If you are someone who believes in long-term solutions over quick fix & cheap options, than you are the right place. We have some amazing products which can resolve many day to day challenges by using technological edge. Every product has been thought over & launched to make the life of the consumer easy

Our team of Grey haired thinkers & young dynamic go getters is involved into Identifying and creating some amazing products which bring easy solutions to your daily challenges. Every product that we list on the site is tried & tested. We are committed to bring good quality products offering value for money solutions. We are more focused on Quality products since we believe in saving your time to go through the details of each product you wish to buy.

Every Product goes through this Check Point Before it is listed here:

         1. Does it solve the problem of the buyer.
         2. Is the solution viable & sustainable.
         3. Is the product safe for humans, Pets & environment?
         4. Is the product value for money for the consumer.

When the Answer is Yes! The product is listed to the website. Its not about too many its about quality!

Active Hub is Initiative of Active Biz Solutions, Which has been very active in bringing innovative products, Active biz has done more than 2000 plus designs till now, Known for its quality designs, engineering to usability & elimating all possible flaws in the product designs

Hope you find your product match on active hub, In case you wish to share any specific challenge or want to give any suggestion do write to us info@activehub.in